Principal's Message


....... college over the last years and have created countless success stories in the goals for its students and clarifies the implications of biblical truth for its discipline. The college upholds these commitments in offering graduate programs, by conventional or techno- logical delivery modes, and in local, national, and international venues. The College requires a liberal arts foundation in each graduate degree program in order to best prepare students to contribute to a diverse, complex and fast changing world.

            We produce Education professionals, academics, and entrepreneurs who embody the ideals of competence, quality consciousness and Christian values. We develop experts in education equipping our students to become tomorrow's leaders in industry, academy, and government. We consistently provide our students with the most progressive, relevant, and well-rounded academic programs, supporting their learning through the availability of advanced and extensive resources.

            We foster an environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge. We encourage the professional development of our faculty through involvement in scholarly, significant and relevant research, the attainment of advanced degrees, participation in professional pursuits, exposure to multiple disciplines, and the establishment of strong linkages with the private sector, the government and the global academic community. We ensure that all our faculty members possess proficiency to fulfill the roles of teachers, researchers, and professionals. We are a prime mover in our country's technological advancement and its partner in nation-building.

T.N. Upadhyay


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